The silent platoon/skirmish clan

Signal Spike [SPIKE] is a World of Tanks (EU) clan.

We are an international, loosely-coupled group of casual but ambitious drivers.
We seek for above-average players that honor team play and care for the win.

We do platoons (all tiers) and stronghold skirmishes (mainly T6, some T8).
No Clan Wars!

We play silently and freestyle, i.e. without voice comms and without a rigid command structure. We appreciate the synergy that evolves when all members of a team do the right thing (TM), just by themselves. No Teamspeak.

No online obligations.
Clan members organize their activities themselves.
Stronghold skirmish is usually done sometime between 21h-23h CET, as often as possible, for those who want.

- Minimum 3K battles
- Overall WR >52%
- WN8 1000+ (recent 1250+)
- Understand English.
- Good manners. No rage, no insults.

We use the Signal Spike Google Group for internal discussion.

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